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Discover Your Inner Child – guide

Discover Your Inner Child – guide

Sell 40 x green red paint
Deliver 30 pears
Make 30 x pear ice cream in the Ice Cream Parlour

Collect 75 duck eggs
Make 20 x silk clothing at the Tailor’s
Make 30 baskets of eggs in the Food Factory

Have 30 friends
Sow 100 fields with silkworm cocoons
Harvest silkworm cocoons from 100 fields

Collect 10 x tansy
Make 25 x sewing thread in the Spinning Mill
Sell 40 x tar

Sell 40 x green paint
Make 30 x pear juice in the Processing Plant
Collect 50 bags of barley

Deliver 5 small springs
Sow 100 fields with cotton
Harvest cotton from 100 fields


Silk Road – guide

Silk Road – guide


Deliver 5 ladders
Collect 40 pears
Collect 40 boxes fo pears

Harvest rape from 60 fields
Feed your sheep 20 times
Sell 40 x goat cheese

Make 1 gold statuette at the Goldsmith’s
Sell 20 bags of sugar beets
Deliver 20 barrels

Make 20 x gooseberry jam in the Processing Plant
Deliver 40 x black pepper
Make 20 x pear juice in the Processing Plant

Collect silkworm cocoons from 40 fields
Make 40 loaves of rye bread in the Bakery
Sell 20 x woollen clothing

Make 10 x syrup at the Herbalist’s Cottage
Deliver 5 books
Make 20 rolling pins in the Workshop

Handicraft Masterpieces – guide

Handicraft Masterpieces – guide
Sow 150 fields with osier
Harvest 300 x wicker
Deliver 50 planks for building a loom

Make 12 grandfather clocks
Harvest garlic from 200 fields
Deliver 100 boxes to the Wicker Weaver’s Cottage

Make 30 embroideries of a red flower
Collect 30 multifloral honey
Sell 200 goose eggs

Deliver 4 tables to the Wicker Weaver’s Cottage
Make 20 glass panes for the windows in the Weaver’s Cottage
Harvest potatoes from 300 fields

Deliver 40 decorative cotton handkerchieves
Sell 1000 primroses
Harvest primroses from 500 fields

Deliver 10 perfect trunks
Make 40 wax candles
Make 30 carp fillets

Egyptian Treasure 11-15 – guide

Egyptian Treasure 11
Collect 10 x cowhide
Make 10 x sewing thread
Deliver 20 papyrus scrolls to Craftsman for the low relief draft

Egyptian Treasure 12
Have the Egyptian Craftsman’s Workshop built on the map
Collect 30 ankhs for decorating the Workshop
Pick 30 dates for Sir Arthur

Egyptian Treasure 13
Make 15 low reliefs
Deliver 1 low relief to Sir Arthur for his collection
Sell 20 low reliefs

Egyptian Treasure 14
Make 12 palm leaf fans
Deliver 12 palm leaf fans to your residents for hot days
Deliver 1 palm leaf fan to Sir Arthur

Egyptian Treasure 15
Make 20 x faience tableware
Sell 15 x faience tableware
Deliver 5 x faience tableware to Sir Arthur

Egyptian Treasure 6-10 – guide

Egyptian Treasure 6
Harvest papyrus from 40 fields
Make 20 papyrus scrolls
Deliver 25 papyrus scrolls to Sir Arthur for his exotic collection

Egyptian Treasure 7
Have a construction site of an Egyptian Craftsman’s Workshop on the map
Collect 2 x sandstone
Deliver 100,000 gold coins to Cleopatra as a way of saying thank you

Egyptian Treasure 8
Send Julie in time and wait untill she brings the mural from Cleopatra’s palace
Collect 40 ankhs for Craftsman
Deliver 30 black tea infusions to Cleopatra and her retinue

Egyptian Treasure 9
Deliver 60 ankhs to the travelling merchant
Deliver 20 papyrus scrolls to the travelling merchant
Deliver 50,000 gold coins to the travelling merchant

Egyptian Treasure 10
Have 10 x faience body in the Storage
Pick 30 dates for Craftsman
Make 20 loaves of barley bread for Craftsman

Egyptian Treasure 1-5 – guide

Egyptian Treasure 1
Send Mr. Fluffy in the Time Machine and wait unitll he brings tools
Make 20 x beef sausages
Harvest papyrus from 20 fields

Egyptian Treasure 2
Have the Medic’s Mansion built on the map
Deliver 80 x papyrus to Medic
Collect 20 peacock feathers for Medic

Egyptian Treasure 3
Make 40 linen bandages
Deliver 60 linen bandages to your people
Deliver 500 buckets of water to the farm’s residents so they can soak bandages in it

Egyptian Treasure 4
Make 15 blends o medicinal herbs
Deliver 20 blends of medicinal herbs to Sir Arthur
Deliver 15,000 gold coins to Medic for his hard work

Egyptian Treasure 5
Make 20 x cedarwood and date oil
Deliver 25 x cedarwood and date oil to your residents
Deliver 100 ankhs to Cleopatra

Ancient Egypt 6-8 – guide

Ancient Egypt 6
Collect taxes from the Egyptian Cottage 4 times
Feed your goats 20 times
Deliver 1 gold apple to Cleopatra

Ancient Egypt 7
Place an Egyptian Well on the map
Collect 400 buckets of water
Deliver 50 ankhs to your people

Ancient Egypt 8
Harvest flax from 40 fields
Have 3 date palms on the map
Pick 30 dates